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Brittany Rogers, MS RDN

Hi! I'm Brittany

I help people with gastrointestinal disorders like crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, get into symptom remission and get more energy, so they can focus on living their life instead of living under the constraints of their disease.

After living in New York for most of my life, I moved to California with my husband Joe, and decided to open a virtual private practice so that I could work with clients all across the country.

After suffering in silence with diarrhea for about 5 years and a hospitalization, I was finally diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis in high school. At the time, I was 20 pounds underweight, utterly exhausted, running to the bathroom about 20 times a day, and in a lot of pain.

I started noticing that certain foods, like my dad’s delicious, but spicy chili, caused me to run to the bathroom like my life depended on it and be there for hours and hours. I didn’t choose the healthiest foods back then. In fact, my favorite meal growing up was fried chicken, Paula-Dean style mashed potatoes, and canned corn. I would start my day with a large coffee with a lot of half and half and 8-9 spoonfuls of sugar and end it with 2-3 scoops of ice cream for dessert.

Thank goodness I took a nutrition class in high school(!) because that, coupled with the fact that I noticed certain foods would send me running to the bathroom led me to pursue a nutrition degree. I strongly believe that learning about nutrition in college and applying that information drastically changed the trajectory of my disease and quality of life, and that’s what has inspired me to do what I do now.

I just don’t want anyone else to have to suffer with symptoms like I did for so long!

Are you ready to start feeling better?

I help my clients expand their diet, reduce their symptoms, and restore their relationship with food. Request a complimentary to learn how we can help you get back to feeling your best rather than living under the constraints of your disease.

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Professional Experience

Working as a clinical dietitian in a children’s hospital and two different adult hospitals provided me with the experience to help individuals with a wide variety of medical conditions. But, while I was working in the hospital environment, I always found myself drawn to rounding with the gastroenterologists and providing medical nutrition therapy to people with gastrointestinal conditions.

I also worked in a luxury gym called Equinox fitness. While working there, I gained tremendous knowledge on personal training and practice with health coaching. So, when my husband and I moved across the country, I finally decided that it was time to start my dream career as a private practice dietitian and health coach.

Due to my own personal experience and professional interest, I decided to specialize in gastrointestinal nutrition, and in particular, inflammatory bowel disease.

Personal Experience

I’ve personally lived with ulcerative colitis for about 20 years, and I also have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and primary sclerosing cholangitis.

Although everyone’s experience is different, I believe that living with multiple health conditions has gifted me with a better understanding of the flaws of our healthcare system and how to provide optimal care to my clients.

Also, because I’ve specialized in inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome, I stay up to date on all the latest research in these practice areas.


  • Registered Dietitian through the Commission on Dietetic Registration for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Completed the dietetic internship through the Sage Graduate School with a focus on clinical medical nutrition therapy, food service management, and community nutrition
  • Masters degree in applied nutrition focusing on evaluating scientific research and communicating science in the form of medical nutrition therapy
  • Bachelors of Science in human nutrition
  • Certified Personal Trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Former Tier 3 trainer through Equinox Fitness personal training educational program
  • Certified Behavior Change Specialist through National Academy of Sports Medicine

Memberships & Committees

  • Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation: National Task Force Member for the Chapter Medical Advisory Committee
  • Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation: Northern California Chapter Medical Advisory Committee Member
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: National Lead for the Dietitians in IBD Practice Group
  • Professional Memberships: Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, Northern California Society of Clinical Gastroenterology, and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Ready to get started?

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Brittany Rogers, MS RDNWork with usBrittany Rogers, MS RDN
Fun Facts about me
Do you have any animals?
Currently, we have 3 cats and 1 puppy: Jack, Lola, Moose, and Ollie… might get a chicken and a goat too
Fun Facts about me
What's your favorite snack?
Probably my Peanut Butter Tahini Balls. It's just a perfect mixture of savory and sweet that keeps me going back for more lol!
Fun Facts about me
If you could meet one person, dead, or alive, who would it be?
Jerry Seinfeld
Fun Facts about me
On a Friday night at 5:30pm, you're probably:
Eating sushi and watching a movie at home with my handsome husband
Fun Facts about me
At 5:30am on a Tuesday, you're probably:
Swimming on my masters swim team
Fun Facts about me
What are your favorite TV shows?
Bachelor in Paradise and Fixer Upper

What does it mean to be a registered dietitian?

After four years of undergraduate nutrition and science courses and being accepted into a competitive dietetic internship program, I had over 1200 hours of supervised practice where I was required to pass all the different rotations before I was allowed to sit for the RD exam,  a nationally recognized and accredited exam.

After passing that exam, I decided to continue expanding upon my education so I received my graduate degree in applied nutrition. Only registered dietitian nutritionists, not nutritionists, are considered nutrition experts because they have the educational background that allied health professionals and the public can trust. That’s why only credentialed registered dietitian nutritionists are allowed to work in hospitals.

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