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Are you confused by all the conflicting diet and nutrition information out there?

Are you worried about whether you’ll make it to the bathroom on time?

Are you anxious about eating because you’re not sure if it’ll trigger symptoms such as diarrhea, pain, cramping, bloating, and gas?After suffering with these symptoms for a while and trying every diet out there you might feel like you’ve come to a crossroads.

You can either, stay on your current path and continue to try to get into symptom remission on your own and hope you’re doing the right things, or you can get all the tools, support and accountability you need to transform your health (and life!) from our team of IBD experts who've been there themselves.

That’s where we come in.

I was struggling with frequent and scared-I’ll-poop-my-pants urgent diarrhea for about 5 years before getting diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. When I was diagnosed I brought in a food and symptom diary that I had kept for a week and showed it to my doctor who then proceeded to tell me that it doesn’t matter what I eat.

I was frustrated because I knew that certain foods, such as my dad’s delicious, but spicy chili caused me to run to the bathroom like my life depended on it and be there for hours and hours.

Because I was in high school and so sick, my mom called a local dietitian who unfortunately told us that she doesn’t specialize in pediatrics or IBD. I really wish she had at least recommended someone that did specialize in pediatric IBD because I remember feeling SO frustrated, lost, and defeated.

I believe I was on track to eventually need surgery for my ulcerative colitis. But thankfully, I was able to learn about nutrition in college, become a registered dietitian, and drastically change my diet, which I believe changed the trajectory of my disease. Now, I’ve been in remission for years.


...having the support of an expert who’s been there herself and can help guide you to feel your best.

If you’re sick and tired of not knowing which foods will trigger your symptoms and want some help so that you can finally get back to symptom remission, let’s chat.

During your customized program, we’ll work on getting you into symptom remission and feeling your best by focusing on the following phases.

I decided to work with Brittany for a couple reasons:

1) She was able to help focus on diet, which was an area that I wanted to explore

2) She specializes in nutrition for IBS, IBD, which I felt was important to me considering needs for my disease could vary from someone else

3) She also has Ulcerative Colitis, so not only could she relate to my personal experiences, but she personally knew what it would take to get into remission.

– Sarah

Phase 1

Finding your trigger foods, if you have any, so you can learn exactly which foods in which portion sizes you can eat without triggering symptoms.

Phase 2

Improving stress tolerance and resilience so that you’ll feel more in control of your emotions and less affected by irritations in your life.

Phase 3

Supporting you throughout the program so that you’ll get all your questions answered as you think of them.


I decided to work with Brittany because she was multi-dimensional in her approach.  Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about diet, nutrition and how foods affect those of us with IBD, but she took in the whole picture of who I am, where I was at in life, where I wanted to be.  She helped me address so much more than my food choices and nutrition. Plus, I just felt that as a fellow woman with IBD, that she was coming from a place of realness and experience that I could respect even further.

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Are you ready to make an investment in your health?

We're very selective about who we work with because we want to make sure that every single one of our clients get the support and accountability they need to be successful. To get into symptom remission and feel your absolute best, you need a coach who’s able and willing to give you all the time and support you need. That’s where we come in.

It’s our mission to have you leave your sessions feeling calm, confident, and ready to take on the next week. During the program you'll learn how to feel your absolute best, physically and mentally, and how to stay in symptom remission for the long haul. No two clients will get the same program because everyone is different. We believe that to be successful in achieving symptom remission, you need a plan and tailored support that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Request a complimentary call today and take the first step towards your very own success story, with all the support you could hope for to get you feeling your absolute best.

We can’t wait to hear from you!