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Carly-Rae Carter

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Brittany changed my life.  I can't put into words how much I appreciate her and her knowledge.  I will use the information and tips she gave me for the rest of my life.  Speaking of life, she gave me my life back!  I finally feel like me again and my family and I will be forever grateful.  I have worked with other nutritionists in the past and none of them compare to Brittany!

Before Brittany, I was going to the bathroom 7-10 times a day and not sleeping through the night due to bathroom trips and night sweats.  I had zero energy throughout the day and I would sleep for most of the weekends.  I was super anxious about my diagnosis and life in general and I had NO idea what to eat.

I knew I needed help in gaining confidence on what to eat, stress management, sleep management, being an advocate for myself, and understanding the disease.  Also I wanted to know what is actually true and not true about diet after spending hours and hours researching things on the internet. I attended one of her seminars and learned so much from the 30 minute presentation.  We met afterwards and I instantly trusted her since she had the same disease as me.  I read past client's reviews and I checked out her Instagram.  Before we started working together, she explained what her program looks like and how she could help me and I was hooked!

Since working with Brittany I've finally gained confidence with eating food! We worked together to find out what my trigger foods were and how they affected me.  She taught me how to be an advocate for myself which is super important when you have IBD.  I can finally sleep throughout the nights and I know longer have to sleep the weekends away.  I have energy throughout the day and I am working out again!  I also meditate throughout the day and night to keep my stress levels and anxiety down. My bowel movements went from 7+ times a day to 2-3 times a day. The biggest take away is that I finally feel like ME again.

Brittany is such a caring person.  She was there for me 24/7.  I was able to message her any time of day with a question or an update.  She genuinely cares about her client's health and well-being and doesn't try to push the "usual" IBD diets on to you.  She takes the time to listen to your concerns and helps find solutions for them. All I can say is, take the leap!  She is AMAZING and you will learn something from her. I actually really miss talking to her each week.

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