Apple Cinnamon Smoothie Recipe

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Makes 2 servings


-1 C cashew milk*
-1 C frozen broccoli*
-2 heaping tbsp almond butter
-1 tsp local honey*
-3 cinnamon sticks
-2/3 whole, sliced and frozen honeycrisp apple*


-add milk to blender first
-next, add the rest of the ingredients to blender, ending with almond butter +/- honey
-ensure that frozen broccoli is added for maximum nutrient benefit without any flavor


*any preferred milk will work
*you can sub 1 C frozen broccoli for: ~1/2 C frozen spinach + ~1/2 C frozen broccoli for added variety
*you can make this without any sweetner; sub local honey for ~1 tsp vanilla extract
*if you're following a low-FODMAP elimination diet for concurrent IBS, sub honeycrisp apple for:
~3/4 C frozen, sliced unripe banana (or frozen, sliced rhubarb) + ~1/2 C ice cubes instead